Thursday, May 24, 2012

Business Paul


Shoki said...

Duuuude, I've been away but you've been super productive! SO much greatness to catch up on.

The movement in the three way sketch is dope, love how the guy on the left is coming into frame.

Keep it up, Greg!

Greg said...

Thanks a lot man! I wanted to put a background on that three way sketch, but a butterfly flew by the window and I got distracted. I blame all unfinished work on butterflies now.

Going on a serious drought of Shoki work. You got the goods?

Shoki said...

Damn those wonderfully elegant flying insects!

I'd love to see that piece with a background, heck I'd like to see a whole comic from you featuring action shots like that.

Negative on the goods, my new day job is pretty far away so I tend to spend most of my time on packed trains! :O

Greg said...

Ah, got ya. Congrats on the new job dude!