Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just tried out Sculptris. This program is ridiculous! So easy to use and it's FREE! There was barely a learning curve and I've never even tried digital sculpting before. Fun stuff!


Shoki said...

I'm impressed that these are your first go on a sculpting software, your style carries over really well, these faces look like they've come alive from one of your pages :)

Free software?! I'll have to give this a shot, thanks for the info.

Greg said...

Thanks a lot Shoki!

I'm still amazed how easy it was to just jump in and start sculpting. I'd wanted to try Zbrush for a while but it looked a little overwhelming. And not free.

Anyway, expect more random heads, now in 3D!

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Love first design!

Greg said...

Thanks Octavio! That's my fav so far too.